Director’s Talk

Can clinical research be taught in a classroom? We had always wondered, especially since most of us early entrants into the industry learnt all that we needed and more while on the job. However, this perception and the industry needs have changed significantly over the years. Partly because the course of the clinical research industry in India is no longer solely influenced by a few big pharma companies and there are many players now that play an active role in shaping this industry. As a result, not all companies conducting clinical trials in India have a well-structured training and orientation program for new hires and this creates a need in the industry for trained personnel. It is this very need that we at the St. Xavier’s college diploma in clinical research are striving to fulfill.

Our approach is to provide our students the basic concepts and the necessary practical exposure to the clinical research so that you’re as job-ready as possible at the end of the course. We achieve this by designing a very practical curriculum, drawing from our own experience of 10 years of working in this industry, by employing discussion-based teaching methods like field visits, case-studies and debates, and by having faculty who are from the industry itself.

Is this course the right one for you?

It is very important that all of you, before you apply for this course, think over this question very carefully. One of the key differentiators in this course is that we’re very particular about choosing students who will ultimately do well in the industry and not just in the academic requirements of the course. We look for individuals who have a combination of research orientation and organizational skills, who can communicate effectively, can conduct themselves well in the corporate as well as academic environment and have excellent interpersonal skills. We also look for students who are committed to building a career in this field and are not just doing this course as a stop-gap arrangement. If you have these attributes and the necessary academic qualifications, please do apply for this course. At any time, please feel free to approach us and discuss your career prospects and your suitability for a career in clinical research. We would prefer that you make the right choice rather than enroll in a course or take up a career that doesn’t suit you.

Good Luck!

Ms Aditi Hazra  Ganju                                                                                                                                               Dr Aamir Shaikh